Looking to install your very own splash pad in the comfort of your own backyard? Take a minute to check out the splash pad kits offered at Rain Deck. This is the perfect solution for those who have always wanted to enjoy a splash pad at home and are up for a DIY challenge.

Imagine the hours of fun you and your family will have playing on the splash pad that you built yourself! You can choose the layout that works the best for your yard and a design that makes the most sense for your family.  Not only will your kids love it, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly your house becomes the most popular spot in the neighborhood.

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Now that summer has passed and temperatures dropping, this is a great time of the year to get outside and  install your splash pad. You can get the work done now so you can start enjoying your new splash pad when the weather starts to warm up next Spring.  Plus, you’ll have a great water feature that you can enjoy in the meantime.

When you order a Rain Deck splash pad kit, we send you everything you will need to build your splash pad with the exception of concrete and some PVC. Kits include a holding tank, pump, filter, spray nozzles and all other necessary items to get your splash pad up and running.  In addition to the equipment, Rain Deck also provides the support and guidance you need to make sure your installation is a success.

Watch our Residential Splash Pad Installation Video here.

Not everyone is going to feel comfortable doing the entire installation of their splash pad kit. For example, at some point, you will need to pour concrete. If you’ve never poured concrete before, it may seem like an overwhelming task. There is also some electrical work that may need to be done as well.  It’s probably better to not attempt to the electrical work on your own if you don’t have experience with that kind of work.

The good news is, it’s easy and usually fairly inexpensive to call in help when it comes to pouring concrete or doing the final electrical work. You can still do most of the installation on your own. When the time comes, arrange for a local contractor to pour the concrete.  You might already know a friend or family member who is an electrician – if not, it’s easy to find one.

Residential splash pads are popular with kids and adults of all ages. Parents with younger children and toddlers love the peace of mind that comes with a splash pad knowing they can let their children play and have fun while avoiding some of the dangers of a swimming pool. Grandparents love having a private water feature in their backyard that they can feel safe letting their grandchildren play in when they come for a visit.

Find out more about residential splash pads and splash pad kits by visiting our website – or give us a call with specific questions. 888-445-7246

And for those who really want a splash pad, but aren’t feeling up to the work of installing it on their own, give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with a preferred installer somewhere near you.