Phoenix, AZ

At Rain Deck, we often work with pool contractors and designers who are looking to offer their clients something new and unique for their backyard. In the pool building business, it’s not always easy to add extras without the price going up too high. More and more pool builders are seeing the value of adding a splash pad or splash pad components to their pool design to give the swimming pool a little something special without breaking the bank.

The swimming pool/splash pad combo pictured above was built by California Pools in Phoenix, AZ.  It features a basic 8-nozzle splash pad with 2 additional ground nozzles that spray into the pool. The splash pad features 4 LED lights, which really adds a completely different style to this backyard and pool area at night.

Pool tie-in splash pads can be built in a couple of different ways. They can either be designed to run completely on their own with their own pump and filter system or they can be tied in to the pool using the pool filtration system. There are advantages to both styles and depends largely on the specific project.

Here’s another example of a pool tie-in splash pad. This one is designed so that the water from the splash pad runs back into the pool. It’s a great way to add something different to the look and feel of the swimming pool. Clients with small children and toddlers love having a splash pad for the kids to play on.

Other pool clients prefer to keep the splash pad completely separate from the pool, which allows them to let their little ones play in the water without having to worry about their safety.

In other cases, simply adding a single splash pad feature, like the Water Mushroom shown above, gives the pool a unique look and makes it stand out from other swimming pools. Adding a footing base during pool construction is simple and inexpensive. Maybe your client is ready to add a feature at first – no problem! Just add the footing base for now so that it’s ready for a feature down the road.

There are many different options and choices available when it comes to incorporating a splash pad with a swimming pool. Rain Deck is your resource for ideas and installation information whenever you have questions about splash pads. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to make suggestions based on your specific job.