The village of Santa Clara, New Mexico is eagerly awaiting the opening of its new splash pad featuring Rain Deck equipment and design.  Those involved with the construction have said that the splash pad is in its final stages of completion, including the installation of several above ground features.  Other final preparations include the construction of a building that will house the filtration system and finishing the surface of the splash pad.


It’s a Big One!

This is going to be one big splash pad! Not only will it include over 30 individual ground sprays, but several large above ground features, such as a Rain Deck Water Loop Set, Dumping Bucket 3 and a 60-inch Rain Deck Water Mushroom.  Other features include a Mini-Mushroom for toddlers and smaller children and a Water Cannon.

At the heart of this 2400 square foot splash park, you’ll find one of the largest features produced by Rain Deck – the Bucket Tower 2.  The tower contains 2 dumping buckets –  a 30 gallon top dumping bucket and another 90 gallon internal dumping bucket. It’s designed to create a big splash that looks and feels great, but is still safe for children. Both buckets take several minutes to fill before eventually tipping and creating a cascading effect onto the splash pad surface below.


Worth the Wait

The Village of Santa Clara has been working towards the installation of this splash pad for well over a year now and both its residents and the residents of surrounding communities are excited to see its completion. Even though the summer is drawing to a close, village officials say there will be plenty of hot weekends in the coming months to use the splash pad.

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