The Rain Deck team recently attended the Green Industry + Equipment Expo and Hardscape North America Show in Louisville, KY where we had a chance to rub shoulders with hundreds of those in the business of designing, building and maintaining beautiful landscapes, both residential and commercial.

While many of those we spoke with were familiar with splash pads and the products we design and build, there were a number of people who were learning about splash pads for the first time. Here are 3 things that we were surprised to hear from landscape contractors during our time in Kentucky:


“A splash pad in the backyard?”

Most of the people we came in contact with were quick to recognize our splash pad products as they’ve probably seen them at parks, playgrounds, churches, schools and other public places. But many of them were surprised to learn that it’s possible to build a private splash pad just the right size for a backyard.

Check out our gallery of residential splash pads here

Our splash pad kits are perfectly designed to work in any size backyard. Splash pads can be used as an alternative to a swimming pool or in conjunction with an existing pool. Residential splash pads are easy to use and simple to maintain. They not only serve as entertainment for children, but can also make a great backyard water feature.


“You don’t have to be a pool contractor to install a splash pad?”

As landscape contractors from across the country stopped by our booth at the recent trade show to learn more about our splash pad equipment, some were caught off guard when we asked them if they have ever installed a splash pad before themselves. It seems that many are under the impression that a splash pad installation is something exclusive to swimming pool builders.

While many of the contractors Rain Deck works with are pool builders, we are seeing more and more landscapers get in on the action. Once landscape installers and designers are able to see what the splash pad installation process is all about, they quickly realize that it’s not rocket science. Most landscapers have already completed projects in the past that are very similar to a splash pad installation.

Watch our short splash pad installation video here

It’s important to keep in mind that, when you purchase splash pad product from Rain Deck, you are also able to call us for support and instruction. We’ll be your go-to resource as you get your first couple of installations under your belt.


“I want one of these in my backyard!”

Actually, we weren’t really surprised to hear this comment. Splash pads continue to become more and more popular in the market today. They are fun for kids and grandkids and can provide an awesome backyard water feature for years to come

There are so many different options to choose from when you design a splash pad. This gives you the ability to build a splash pad that not only matches your backyard, but you and your family’s personality as well.

If you are a landscape architect, designer or installer, take a closer look at what Rain Deck has to offer. As one landscape contractor put it at the show: “This is something that I could offer my clients that would really set me apart from my competition!”


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