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At Rain Deck, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative, and affordable splash pad products for any setting. Our extensive product range caters to all markets—commercial, light-commercial, and residential—ensuring we have the perfect solution for your needs.

What is a Splash Pad / Splash Park?

Splash pads / spray parks are safe, zero-depth water attractions that provide endless fun and can be installed in a variety of locations. Ideal for city parks, RV parks, HOA community parks, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, child care facilities, and more. Splash pads feature an array of spray jets and above-ground spray elements, creating an interactive and refreshing play environment for all ages. Depending on your requirements, they can operate on recirculation systems, fresh water / pass-through systems, or pool tie-in systems.

Why Choose Rain Deck?

DURABILITY: Rain Deck manufactures splash pad / splash park products for all levels of play and offers a warranty ranging from two years to LIFETIME for every single product.

AFFORDABILITY: Rain Deck will beat anyone's price, period! We simply cannot be beat! Rain Deck sells direct to you, avoiding costly middle-men; saving everyone valuable time and money. Save big on your next splash pad / splash park project by reaching out to our professional sales representatives.

DESIGN: Rain Deck has designed thousands of splash pads / splash parks all over the world ranging from fresh water systems, pool tie-ins, and stand-alone / recirculation systems. Rain Deck knows that each splash pad varies widely in their locations, applications, and uses. Rain Deck's sales team and design/planning department will work hand-in-hand with contractors, designers, and owners to ensure that the overall vision becomes reality. With the ability to customize even the smallest details and features, Rain Deck is your source for tailored splash pad / splash park products.

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