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Splash Pad is a Hit in Texas! | Cuero, TX

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Splash Pad is a Hit in Texas! | Cuero, TX

The City of Cuero didn’t back down from representing Texas style on their splash pad!  They wen’t big on their new 3,000 sqft splash pad for the kids of Cuero!  Randy Morrow and his team at Pools Unlimted, Inc. teamed up with Rain Deck Splash Pad Product & Design to create a spectacular amenity for the City of Cuero.

(Picture credits: Cuero.org)

(Video Credits: Victoria Advocate)

Below is the list of Rain Deck Products installed at the City of Cuero . . .

41 Rain Deck Housing & Nozzles (RD102-0 / RD103-0), 2 sets of Rain Deck 6′ Water Loops (RDS342-0), Rain Deck Bucket Tower 2 (RDS352-0), 3 – Rain Deck Water Cannon (RDS348-0), Rain Deck Dumping Bucket 3 (RDS316-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Multi-Zone Splash Feature w/ 2 – Rain Deck Stainless Steel Flower Shower, Rain Deck Stainless Steel 60″ Water Mushroom, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Waterfall & Rain Deck Waterslide, Rain Deck Stainless Steel 60″ Water Mushroom (RDS303-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel 40″ Water Mushroom (RDS302-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Palm Tree (RDS339-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Pillar (RDS323-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Rain Curtain (RDS331-0), 2 – Rain Deck Stainless Steel Fire Hydrant (RDS327-0), Rain Deck Chemical Controller (RD432-0), Rain Deck 8 Zone Multi-Program Electronic Controller (RD500-0), Rain Deck Sof-Touch Electronic Ground Sensor & Timer Box (RDS555-0 / RD550-1), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Triangle and Square Bench’s … plus the many other operating components!

(Picture credits: Cuero.org)

Our Rain Deck professionals are available to help you bring your splash pad dreams to your city or town!  For more information please visit www.RAINDECK.com or Contact Us at 888-445-RAIN(7246) or [email protected]



Art at Bratton’s Edge Apartments Splash Pad | Austin, TX

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Art at Bratton’s Edge Apartments Splash Pad | Austin, TX

Art at Bratton’s Edge Apartments just got that much cooler!  With all the amazing amenities that they had they took it to the next level and installed a splash pad for their new mixed-income apartment community in Austin Texas.

The Rain Deck splash pad products that are featured at Art at Bratton’s Edge Apartments are the following:  Rain Deck 10-Nozzle Rain Tunnel, Rain Deck Stainless Steel 6′ Water Loop, Rain Deck Stainless Steel 30in. Mini Mushroom, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Wavy Palm Tree, Rain Deck Stainless Steel 60in. Water Mushroom, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Fall Trough, Rain Deck Sof-Touch™ Electronic Timer Box, Rain Deck Sof-Touch™ Ground Sensor, Rain Deck Chemical Controller, Rain Deck 8 Zone Single Program Electronic Controller, Rain Deck 1200 Gallon Holding Tank.

Our Rain Deck professionals are available to help you bring your splash pad dreams to your apartment complex! For more information please visit www.RAINDECK.com or Contact Us at 888-445-RAIN (7246) or [email protected]

January 2017 – Residential Splash Pad of the Month

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Phoenix, AZ

At Rain Deck, we often work with pool contractors and designers who are looking to offer their clients something new and unique for their backyard. In the pool building business, it’s not always easy to add extras without the price going up too high. More and more pool builders are seeing the value of adding a splash pad or splash pad components to their pool design to give the swimming pool a little something special without breaking the bank.

The swimming pool/splash pad combo pictured above was built by California Pools in Phoenix, AZ.  It features a basic 8-nozzle splash pad with 2 additional ground nozzles that spray into the pool. The splash pad features 4 LED lights, which really adds a completely different style to this backyard and pool area at night.

Pool tie-in splash pads can be built in a couple of different ways. They can either be designed to run completely on their own with their own pump and filter system or they can be tied in to the pool using the pool filtration system. There are advantages to both styles and depends largely on the specific project.

Here’s another example of a pool tie-in splash pad. This one is designed so that the water from the splash pad runs back into the pool. It’s a great way to add something different to the look and feel of the swimming pool. Clients with small children and toddlers love having a splash pad for the kids to play on.

Other pool clients prefer to keep the splash pad completely separate from the pool, which allows them to let their little ones play in the water without having to worry about their safety.

In other cases, simply adding a single splash pad feature, like the Water Mushroom shown above, gives the pool a unique look and makes it stand out from other swimming pools. Adding a footing base during pool construction is simple and inexpensive. Maybe your client is ready to add a feature at first – no problem! Just add the footing base for now so that it’s ready for a feature down the road.

There are many different options and choices available when it comes to incorporating a splash pad with a swimming pool. Rain Deck is your resource for ideas and installation information whenever you have questions about splash pads. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to make suggestions based on your specific job.


January 2017 – Commercial Splash Pad of the Month

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This splash pad is jam packed with brightly colored water features and ground sprays. It’s sure to catch the attention of children who see it.

There are a total of 10 above ground features here, including 3 Water Cannons, a Water Umbrella, a Waterfall Dumping Bucket 3, a Water Mushroom and a Water Loop Set.

It also features 2 of our newer ground features – a Rain Deck Water Turtle and Lady Bug. These fun and interactive spray features are built to be safe, durable and provide tons of entertainment for children of all ages.

If your goal is to build a fun and busy splash pad with tons of features for kids to enjoy, this splash pad is a good example. It also features 18 ground sprays and lots of room so that children aren’t running into each other. This specific splash pad has rubber surfacing, but there are other options to choose from. To find out more, call Rain Deck today – 888-445-7246.

Tips for Splash Pad Maintenance

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One of the big reasons why splash pads are so popular is because they are easy to maintain. They are built to be user friendly and require minimal attention in order to function properly.  If you are willing to follow some basic maintenance guidelines, your splash pad will last for years and years.

Just like anything you own, the better you treat your splash pad, the better it will perform and the longer it will last. There are a few things you will want to be sure to pay attention to:

Water Chemistry

One key step in maintaining your splash pad is to make sure that proper levels of sanitizers are present, making it safe to interact with. This is water chemistry, and while it can take some time to understand, don’t be confused or intimidated!

Water Chemistry is pretty easy. Using simple chlorine test strips that can be found at your local pool supply store, you can quickly test the chemicals in the water of your splash pad. These test strips are designed to indicate when chemicals are too high, too low or just right. We recommend  that you test your water weekly. This will ensure proper chemical balance and the safe play of your splash pad.


Your pump motor is the heart of the splash pad system. It ‘s what pushes the water from the underground tank  through the filter and then on to your individual nozzles. Without the pump, your splash pad will not function.

Fortunately, the splash pad pump does not require much maintenance by the splash pad owner. You will want to make sure the pump’s strainer basket is free from debris and that the lid is tightly secured. A leaky pump lid can allow air into your system causing it to lose prime. Be sure to check the O-ring periodically and make sure it’s properly lubricated so that it makes a tight seal. Also, look for leaks around the pump just to make sure it’s working properly. If you see any leaks or feel your pump is not operating properly, please contact Rain Deck immediately.


Depending on the size of your splash pad, you will have either a cartridge filter or a sand filter. As the water passes through the filter, either a mesh material in the cartridges or sand in the sand filter traps the waste material.

To clean the cartridge filter, simply remove the cartridges and hose them off removing the waste. The cartridges should be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks or more often as needed. Please follow the manufactures specifications. To clean the sand filter, please follow the manufactures specifications and recommendations for backwashing.

For more information on maintaining your splash pad, including steps for winterization and a general maintenance checklist, click here to visit our website.

Why Landscape Contractors Love Splash Pads

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The Rain Deck team recently attended the Green Industry + Equipment Expo and Hardscape North America Show in Louisville, KY where we had a chance to rub shoulders with hundreds of those in the business of designing, building and maintaining beautiful landscapes, both residential and commercial.

While many of those we spoke with were familiar with splash pads and the products we design and build, there were a number of people who were learning about splash pads for the first time. Here are 3 things that we were surprised to hear from landscape contractors during our time in Kentucky:


“A splash pad in the backyard?”

Most of the people we came in contact with were quick to recognize our splash pad products as they’ve probably seen them at parks, playgrounds, churches, schools and other public places. But many of them were surprised to learn that it’s possible to build a private splash pad just the right size for a backyard.

Check out our gallery of residential splash pads here

Our splash pad kits are perfectly designed to work in any size backyard. Splash pads can be used as an alternative to a swimming pool or in conjunction with an existing pool. Residential splash pads are easy to use and simple to maintain. They not only serve as entertainment for children, but can also make a great backyard water feature.


“You don’t have to be a pool contractor to install a splash pad?”

As landscape contractors from across the country stopped by our booth at the recent trade show to learn more about our splash pad equipment, some were caught off guard when we asked them if they have ever installed a splash pad before themselves. It seems that many are under the impression that a splash pad installation is something exclusive to swimming pool builders.

While many of the contractors Rain Deck works with are pool builders, we are seeing more and more landscapers get in on the action. Once landscape installers and designers are able to see what the splash pad installation process is all about, they quickly realize that it’s not rocket science. Most landscapers have already completed projects in the past that are very similar to a splash pad installation.

Watch our short splash pad installation video here

It’s important to keep in mind that, when you purchase splash pad product from Rain Deck, you are also able to call us for support and instruction. We’ll be your go-to resource as you get your first couple of installations under your belt.


“I want one of these in my backyard!”

Actually, we weren’t really surprised to hear this comment. Splash pads continue to become more and more popular in the market today. They are fun for kids and grandkids and can provide an awesome backyard water feature for years to come

There are so many different options to choose from when you design a splash pad. This gives you the ability to build a splash pad that not only matches your backyard, but you and your family’s personality as well.

If you are a landscape architect, designer or installer, take a closer look at what Rain Deck has to offer. As one landscape contractor put it at the show: “This is something that I could offer my clients that would really set me apart from my competition!”


Visit www.raindeck.com or call us at 888-445-7246.

Do-It-Yourself Splash Pad

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Looking to install your very own splash pad in the comfort of your own backyard? Take a minute to check out the splash pad kits offered at Rain Deck. This is the perfect solution for those who have always wanted to enjoy a splash pad at home and are up for a DIY challenge.

Imagine the hours of fun you and your family will have playing on the splash pad that you built yourself! You can choose the layout that works the best for your yard and a design that makes the most sense for your family.  Not only will your kids love it, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly your house becomes the most popular spot in the neighborhood.

Check out our Galleries to get ideas for your splash pad.

Now that summer has passed and temperatures dropping, this is a great time of the year to get outside and  install your splash pad. You can get the work done now so you can start enjoying your new splash pad when the weather starts to warm up next Spring.  Plus, you’ll have a great water feature that you can enjoy in the meantime.

When you order a Rain Deck splash pad kit, we send you everything you will need to build your splash pad with the exception of concrete and some PVC. Kits include a holding tank, pump, filter, spray nozzles and all other necessary items to get your splash pad up and running.  In addition to the equipment, Rain Deck also provides the support and guidance you need to make sure your installation is a success.

Watch our Residential Splash Pad Installation Video here.

Not everyone is going to feel comfortable doing the entire installation of their splash pad kit. For example, at some point, you will need to pour concrete. If you’ve never poured concrete before, it may seem like an overwhelming task. There is also some electrical work that may need to be done as well.  It’s probably better to not attempt to the electrical work on your own if you don’t have experience with that kind of work.

The good news is, it’s easy and usually fairly inexpensive to call in help when it comes to pouring concrete or doing the final electrical work. You can still do most of the installation on your own. When the time comes, arrange for a local contractor to pour the concrete.  You might already know a friend or family member who is an electrician – if not, it’s easy to find one.

Residential splash pads are popular with kids and adults of all ages. Parents with younger children and toddlers love the peace of mind that comes with a splash pad knowing they can let their children play and have fun while avoiding some of the dangers of a swimming pool. Grandparents love having a private water feature in their backyard that they can feel safe letting their grandchildren play in when they come for a visit.

Find out more about residential splash pads and splash pad kits by visiting our website – or give us a call with specific questions. 888-445-7246

And for those who really want a splash pad, but aren’t feeling up to the work of installing it on their own, give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with a preferred installer somewhere near you.

Customizing Your Splash Pad with Unique Design, Features and Colors

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Looking to create a splash pad with a custom look and feel – with features that are specific to your area or project? Rain Deck has you covered!
Custom splash pad design, features and colors are a great way to help your splash pad stand out from the rest. Many of our clients have approached us about adding a special feature to give their splash pad its own personality and we’ve always been able to deliver.

Take this larger than life scorpion for example…

Our client, the Town of Carefree in Arizona, was looking for a definitive feature that would not only relate to the surrounding area, but instantly draw people in. We went to work brainstorming ideas with our fabrication shop staff to come up something that would meet the clients’ expectations and still work within their budget. What we came up with is a custom feature that didn’t disappoint. Complete with LED lights for eyes and sprays coming out of the pincers and tail, this is probably the only scorpion in the southwest you’ll ever see children running towards with excitement instead of away from with fear.

Next is our custom surfboards…

Once again we were tasked with coming up with a feature that would add to the theme of the splash pad…something interactive and fun, but at the same time unique and that hadn’t been done before. The location was the Laguna Beach Marriott near Dana Point, CA, which is known for its killer beaches and excellent surfing. The client let us know that they were specifically looking for something to tie into the surf theme of the area. We knew we wanted to incorporate surfboards, but we wanted them to look great and be easy for kids to play on. The answer was combining the surfboards you see above with an 8-nozzle line jet to create the feeling of a wave. While it’s definitely a hit with the kids, the challenge has been keeping adults away!

Let’s talk custom paint jobs…

All of the above ground features at Rain Deck typically come in one of our more standard colors. We’ve chosen colors that are bright, engaging and will last a very long time in the sun and water. But some clients are after a very specific look for their splash pad and need their features painted in custom colors. Not a problem! As you can see in the picture above, we painted the splash pad features to match perfectly with the playground equipment in the background. This helps give the entire area a uniform look and feel.

Do you have a specific idea for your splash pad? Give Rain Deck a call and let’s discuss what you have in mind. We may already have some ideas for you, but there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge. Call us at 888-445-7246.

New Rain Deck Splash Pad in Santa Clara, NM – Coming Soon!

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The village of Santa Clara, New Mexico is eagerly awaiting the opening of its new splash pad featuring Rain Deck equipment and design.  Those involved with the construction have said that the splash pad is in its final stages of completion, including the installation of several above ground features.  Other final preparations include the construction of a building that will house the filtration system and finishing the surface of the splash pad.


It’s a Big One!

This is going to be one big splash pad! Not only will it include over 30 individual ground sprays, but several large above ground features, such as a Rain Deck Water Loop Set, Dumping Bucket 3 and a 60-inch Rain Deck Water Mushroom.  Other features include a Mini-Mushroom for toddlers and smaller children and a Water Cannon.

At the heart of this 2400 square foot splash park, you’ll find one of the largest features produced by Rain Deck – the Bucket Tower 2.  The tower contains 2 dumping buckets –  a 30 gallon top dumping bucket and another 90 gallon internal dumping bucket. It’s designed to create a big splash that looks and feels great, but is still safe for children. Both buckets take several minutes to fill before eventually tipping and creating a cascading effect onto the splash pad surface below.


Worth the Wait

The Village of Santa Clara has been working towards the installation of this splash pad for well over a year now and both its residents and the residents of surrounding communities are excited to see its completion. Even though the summer is drawing to a close, village officials say there will be plenty of hot weekends in the coming months to use the splash pad.

Interested in learning more about a splash pad in your community? Call the professionals at Rain Deck today to find out what options are available. We’ll help clarify the information you’ll need to get the ball rolling and can provide a number of options for your specific needs. Call us today at 888-445-7246!

Splash Pads Rule the World!

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You don’t have to go far these days to find a splash pad or splash park…they seem to be everywhere! Now that summer is in full swing, more and more people are flocking to the nearest splash pad seeking relief from the heat. Those with young kids especially love splash pads knowing that their kids are safe to play in the water without worrying about some of the risks that come with swimming pools.

Here at Rain Deck (Splash Pad HQ) – we’re prepping and shipping high-quality splash pad equipment to locations all over the globe, including Australia, Columbia, England and the Bahamas. To give you an idea of the different projects we’ve been involved in recently, we’re featuring 3 splash pads that have just recently opened for use…


Delray, Florida


This first splash pad was recently completed in Delray, FL. Don’t let the size fool you…this is actually a residential splash pad! The homeowners wanted something fun and safe for their grandchildren to do when they come for visits. They decided against a pool and, instead, designed the ultimate backyard splash pad with over 12 ground sprays, LED lights and 4 of our more popular above ground features. We’re sure these grandkids will be back to visit often!


Shuniah, Ontario Canada

Thunder Bay Splash Pad 1

The owners of Thunder Bay KOA Kampground & Resort decided that they wanted to take their KOA campground to a whole new level by adding colorful and interactive splash pad alongside their existing pool. Here’s a splash pad that is big enough to entertain up to 30 kids at a time. We’re seeing more and more KOA’s throughout the U.S. and Canada adding splash pads to their campgrounds.


Queen Creek, Arizona


The Wolfe family in Queen Creek, Arizona decided that a splash pad would be the better choice over a swimming pool for their special needs foster children. They had this 400 sq.ft. splash pad built with the hope that they could still provide a way for their kids to cool off in the hot Arizona summers in their own backyard and keep everyone safe. The result? Not only do their kids love the splash pad, but the Wolfe’s house has suddenly become the most popular spot in the neighborhood!


These are just a few examples of splash pads that are home to Rain Deck product. There are dozens of other projects in process or wrapping up across the USA and around the world. Find out why so many people are choosing Rain Deck for their splash pad equipment – give us a call today and let’s talk about your splash pad project. 888 445 7246