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Rain Deck Cactus Cooler w/ Footing Base (RD311-0)


The Rain Deck Cactus Cooler: a refreshing and exciting oasis for your splash pad. Complete with a Rain Deck footing base, stainless steel mounting bolts, and a choice of nozzles, this durable PVC plastic, fiberglass, and acrylic cactus stands at 7’-4” tall. With easy installation and a 1-1/2” F-NPT water inlet, it promises cooling fun for all ages.


  • Rain Deck Cactus Cooler – 3 Nozzle
  • Rain Deck Footing Base w/ Cap (RD399-0)
  • SS Mounting Bolts
  • Choice of Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Nozzle Tool


  • Description: Rain Deck Cactus Cooler
  • MFG#: RD311-0
  • Width: 2′ 10” From Outside Edges of Petals
  • Height: 7’-4” (from Finished Grade – custom sizes available)
  • Material: High Strength PVC, Fiberglass and Acrylic
  • Water Inlet: 1-1/2” F-NPT
Dimensions 34 × 88 in