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Rain Deck SS Curved Rain Stick (RDS322-1) w/ SS Footing Base (RDS399-0)


Rain Deck’s Stainless Steel Curved Rain Stick; bringing fun for all ages!  Built with premium materials and customizable options, this Curvy Rain Stick promises hours of splashing fun for all ages with its low height and perfect water disbursement.

Included in this set is a durable stainless steel post, offering both strength and style. Choose your preferred colors for the post allowing you to seamlessly integrate this feature into your existing outdoor decor.

For stability and easy installation, the Rain Deck Footing Base with Cap (RDS399-0) is included, along with stainless steel mounting bolts to ensure a secure fit.


  • Stainless Steel Post
  • Your Choice of Color
  • Interchangeable Nozzle
  • Rain Deck Footing Base w/ Cap (RDS399-0)
  • SS Mounting Bolts
  • Nozzle Tool


  • Description: Rain Deck Rain Stick
  • MFG#: RDS322-1
  • Height: 2’10” (from Finished Grade—custom sizes available)
  • Material: High Strength Stainless Steel
  • Water Inlet: 1-1/2” F-NPT
Dimensions 34 in