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Rain Deck SS Water Arch Set-4 (RDS345-0)


Introducing the Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Arch Set of 4—a refreshing twist for your backyard oasis under the summer sun! Build with high quality materials and versatile customization, this aquatic feature guarantees endless joy for everyone, thanks to its impressive height, seamless functionality, and impeccable water distribution.

Included in the package are 4 sturdy stainless steel arches, combining robustness with elegance. Select your desired colors to effortlessly blend this feature into your outdoor aesthetic.

Please note, the Stainless Steel Arch doesn’t mount to the RDS399-0 footing base; instead, it rests approximately 1 foot below the finished grade, removing tripping hazards.


  • 4 Stainless Steel Arches
  • Your Choice of Colors
  • 5 Brass Nozzles Per Arch
  • 5 PVC Hole Plugs Per Arch


  • Description: Rain Deck Water Arch Set of 4
  • MFG#: RDS345-0
  • Width(s): (1) 12′; (2) 11’2″; (3) 10’4″; (4) 9’6″
  • Height(s): (1) 6’6″; (2) 6’1″; (3) 5’8″; (4) 5’3″(from Finished Grade—custom sizes available)
  • Material: High Strength Stainless Steel
  • Water Inlet: 1-1/2” F-NPT