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Rain Deck Chemical Controller NSF (RD432-0)


The RD432-0 Chemical Controller is designed specifically for splash pad use. It is responsive to the needs of a splash pad, injecting the chemicals as you need them. It monitors the water chemistry, keeping the guessing game out of the equation, balancing the chemicals the splash pad needs on demand.

The RD432-0 allows automatic monitoring of chemical levels through a simple, user-friendly interface, resulting in easier management of water balance in your splash pad or other circulating water environments. It can be easily installed into your splash pad, and can be customized to your specific needs. It monitors and displays the chemical levels using LEDs and digital readouts on the front panel, and four separate function buttons allow simple push-button control.

The RD432-0 Chemical Controller includes a flow cell with switch, pH and ORP sensors, fittings for tapping installation of the flow cell input/output, an in-line filter, tubing, feeders, a mounting board, and a check valve/injector.