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IPS-M920W Chemical Controller w/ WIFI NSF (RD432-4)


IPS-M920w Technology

Web-based programming, monitoring, and reporting, plus multiple email and texting options built in for alerts and notifications
Lock-out feature prevents unauthorized use
Maintains pH and Chlorine levels all year based on actual demand; no need to change programs or settings season-to-season
Compatible with liquid, tablets, granular, and salt chlorine generators
Unique dual ORP allows installation of multiple output devices, and a primary and secondary sanitizer on the same system
Pre-mounted on 16˝ x 12˝ board; optional 24˝ x 19˝ board accommodates two chemical pumps
Simple to program with large LED readout
Available in hard-wire Ethernet, or optional WiFi model M920wCA
NSF certified for the highest level of code compliance