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Rain Deck 3″ Brass Adjustable Nozzle (RD103-2)


Rain Deck’s 3″ Adjustable Brass Nozzle; bringing the fun to your splash pad on a hot day! Built with premium materials and customizable options, this feature allows for hours of splashing fun for all ages with its proximity to the ground, functionality and perfect water disbursement.

Included is a 3″ Nozzle, offering both strength and style. Choose your preferred angle for the feature allowing you to seamlessly integrate this feature into your existing outdoor decor.

For easy installation, this feature sits flush to the ground, seated inside a universal housing, rather than on a footing base.

Description:  Rain Deck Brass Adjustable Nozzle
MFG#:  RD103-2
Width:  3”
Height:  2”
Water Inlet: Screws into Brass Universal Housing

Dimensions 3 × 2 in