Childcare Facilities – Splash Pads / Splash Parks

Have you been looking for something that will set your child care facility apart from the competition? If so, you need a splash pad! Providing a splash pad will create a safe and fun environment for your students, and serve as a wonderful marketing tool for additional enrollment and revenue. At Rain Deck, we pride ourselves in providing the best in light-commercial splash pad products, from both a quality and affordability standpoint. From bubbler nozzles for the toddlers, to tall water features for the pre-kindergarteners, a Rain Deck splash pad will offer the fun and attractive play area for children of all ages. Concerned about your splash pad becoming boring? Do not worry! Our amazing Rain Deck design allows for all spray jets and light commercial features to be removable and interchangeable, ensuring that your splash pad never gets old. Concerned you don’t have enough space to add a splash pad? Do not worry! Your Rain Deck splash pad can double as additional play space, patio area, tricycle course, and more. Contact us now! Our specialized Rain Deck sales representatives are available to help you create a unique splash pad that will keep your little ones entertained… and most importantly, safe.

Rain Deck light commercial splash pad products have been installed throughout the country at many childcare facilities! Shop our most popular Rain Deck Light Commercial Splash Pad Packages.