Residential Backyard Splash Pads / Splash Parks

The demand for residential splash pads / splash parks is one of the hottest in the splash pad industry, due in large part to Rain Deck’s patented Splash Pad Kit℗! Many have inquired about our residential product line because of our features on Yard Crashers, and most recently The Vanilla Ice Project, both of which continue to air on the DIY Network and HGTV.

The dream of having your own water park in the comfort of your very own backyard can be a reality with an affordable Rain Deck Splash Pad Kit℗! Rain Deck provides complete kits (6, 8, 12 or 16 nozzles), with both “stand-alone” and “pool tie-in” capabilities. Keep in mind, the Rain Deck Splash Pad Kit℗ can easily be upgraded or modified, enabling you to have ANY number of nozzles on your splash pad: all of which are removable and interchangeable! And, don’t forget… Your Rain Deck splash pad system is capable of adding any of our above ground features such as a Water Umbrella, Water Mushroom, Flower Shower, Fire Hydrant Soaker, Rainy Palm Tree, Dumping Buckets, and more! And, similar to our removable and interchangeable nozzles, all of our residential above ground features are also removable and interchangeable. These incredible designs allow you the ability to expand or add nozzles and features at a later time, mix things up by moving nozzles and features into different locations throughout your pad, or remove them altogether for winterizing or added yard space. Regardless of your splash pad shape or size, your Rain Deck splash will be the hit of the neighborhood! Rain Deck is the splash pad / splash park industry leader in residential splash pad products, so feel free to contact one of our sales representatives to help you achieve your dreams of having your own backyard splash pad!

Rain Deck residential splash pad products have been incorporated into homes throughout the world, and will be an exciting addition to your backyard! Shop our most popular Rain Deck Residential Splash Pad Products. These splash pad kit favorites may very well be what your backyard needs!