Pool Tie-In Splash Pads / Splash Parks

With a Rain Deck Pool Tie-In Splash Pad Kit℗ you can create an amazing splash pad / splash park that operates with the same pump and filtration system that your swimming pool utilizes. Enjoy all the benefits found in the stand-alone version of the Rain Deck Splash Pad Kit℗ but without having to spend your budget on redundant systems – just link right into the water source of the swimming pool water and its pump and filtration system and you’re well on your way to an affordable and simple way to expand your backyard entertainment vision! Rain Deck provides kits that have 6, 8, 12 or 16 Nozzle Splash Pad Kits that can either stand-alone or be tied into your swimming pool.

Rain Deck residential splash pad products have been incorporated in residential homes and apartment complexes across the country and will be an exciting addition to your location!! Shop our most popular Rain Deck Residential Splash Pad Products. These customer favorites will soak everyone with fun!!