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The Pool, Reimagined

Rain Deck’s water play features will take your pool to the next level. Installing an above ground feature will bring added value, and make your pool stand out above the rest. Our unique interchangeable system makes installation simple and economical. Rain Deck water features and spray jets can easily be incorporated to a new build, or even to a pool that is being remodeled. Set yourself apart from the competition… add Rain Deck splash features to your next project!

Versatility, Redefined:

Rain Deck’s universal footing base allows every customer the versatility to swap or add new features at any time. Nearly all of Rain Deck’s splash pool water features are completely removable and interchangeable. In addition to the versatility of our above ground features, our spray jets are also removable and interchangeable. This allows the customer to interchange ground spray nozzles, as well as the spray nozzles on many of the above ground features. The Rain Deck universal housing is incorporated throughout our extensive product line, giving you endless water play possibilities.

Popular Splash Pool Designs with Rain Deck Water Play Features