Rain Deck is the Industry Leader in Commercial, Light-Commercial and Residential Splash Pad / Splash Park Products

Rain Deck splash pad / splash park products represent the best in quality, innovation, affordability and service that is unmatched. Rain Deck stands on the commitment to provide a wide platform of exceptional products and splash pad expertise that will allow our partners to deliver safe and enjoyable splash pad / splash park environments.

With a comprehensive selection of premium splash pad / splash park products, Rain Deck can fulfill any splash pad need from the large community splash pad to the individual residential application. Our relentless commitment to creating and manufacturing products, that exceed industry expectations, has placed Rain Deck as the leading manufacturer in the aquatic recreational industry. Along with a versatile collection of products, Rain Deck remains committed to provide our customers with reliable solutions to any splash pad application need including architectural design.

Your key to quality and affordability is Rain Deck’s passion and enthusiasm for all things splash pad. With a qualified team of innovators we are able to partner with our customers from the moment of design inspiration to final realization of splash pad entertainment. From a wide range of commercial grade stainless steel splash pad features to category-defining light commercial splash pad products, and our patented residential splash pad kits Rain Deck leads the industry in bringing splash pads / splash parks to a wider selection of applications such as campgrounds, day-cares and RV parks.

Our success is dependent on creating value for our customers. We aim to deliver on our promises of providing you unique, reliable, and affordable products that bring continuous joy year round for those who make a splash on a splash pad with Rain Deck water features. We invite you to explore our Commercial Splash Pad, Light-Commercial Splash Pad, and Residential Splash Pad product lines.

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