Looking to create a splash pad with a custom look and feel – with features that are specific to your area or project? Rain Deck has you covered!
Custom splash pad design, features and colors are a great way to help your splash pad stand out from the rest. Many of our clients have approached us about adding a special feature to give their splash pad its own personality and we’ve always been able to deliver.

Take this larger than life scorpion for example…

Our client, the Town of Carefree in Arizona, was looking for a definitive feature that would not only relate to the surrounding area, but instantly draw people in. We went to work brainstorming ideas with our fabrication shop staff to come up something that would meet the clients’ expectations and still work within their budget. What we came up with is a custom feature that didn’t disappoint. Complete with LED lights for eyes and sprays coming out of the pincers and tail, this is probably the only scorpion in the southwest you’ll ever see children running towards with excitement instead of away from with fear.

Next is our custom surfboards…

Once again we were tasked with coming up with a feature¬†that would add to the theme of the splash pad…something interactive and fun, but at the same time unique and that hadn’t been done before. The location was the Laguna Beach Marriott near Dana Point, CA, which is known for its killer beaches and excellent surfing. The client let us know that they were specifically looking for something to tie into the surf theme of the area. We knew we wanted to incorporate surfboards, but we wanted them to look great and be easy for kids to play on. The answer was combining the surfboards you see above with an 8-nozzle line jet to create the feeling of a wave. While it’s definitely a hit with the kids, the challenge has been keeping adults away!

Let’s talk custom paint jobs…

All of the above ground features at Rain Deck typically come in one of our more standard colors. We’ve chosen colors that are bright, engaging and will last a very long time in the sun and water. But some clients are after a very specific look for their splash pad and need their features painted in custom colors. Not a problem! As you can see in the picture above, we painted the splash pad features to match perfectly with the playground equipment in the background. This helps give the entire area a uniform look and feel.

Do you have a specific idea for your splash pad? Give Rain Deck a call and let’s discuss what you have in mind. We may already have some ideas for you, but there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge. Call us at 888-445-7246.