Splash Pad is a Hit in Texas! | Cuero, TX

The City of Cuero didn’t back down from representing Texas style on their splash pad!  They wen’t big on their new 3,000 sqft splash pad for the kids of Cuero!  Randy Morrow and his team at Pools Unlimted, Inc. teamed up with Rain Deck Splash Pad Product & Design to create a spectacular amenity for the City of Cuero.

(Picture credits: Cuero.org)

(Video Credits: Victoria Advocate)

Below is the list of Rain Deck Products installed at the City of Cuero . . .

41 Rain Deck Housing & Nozzles (RD102-0 / RD103-0), 2 sets of Rain Deck 6′ Water Loops (RDS342-0), Rain Deck Bucket Tower 2 (RDS352-0), 3 – Rain Deck Water Cannon (RDS348-0), Rain Deck Dumping Bucket 3 (RDS316-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Multi-Zone Splash Feature w/ 2 – Rain Deck Stainless Steel Flower Shower, Rain Deck Stainless Steel 60″ Water Mushroom, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Waterfall & Rain Deck Waterslide, Rain Deck Stainless Steel 60″ Water Mushroom (RDS303-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel 40″ Water Mushroom (RDS302-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Palm Tree (RDS339-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Pillar (RDS323-0), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Rain Curtain (RDS331-0), 2 – Rain Deck Stainless Steel Fire Hydrant (RDS327-0), Rain Deck Chemical Controller (RD432-0), Rain Deck 8 Zone Multi-Program Electronic Controller (RD500-0), Rain Deck Sof-Touch Electronic Ground Sensor & Timer Box (RDS555-0 / RD550-1), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Triangle and Square Bench’s … plus the many other operating components!

(Picture credits: Cuero.org)

Our Rain Deck professionals are available to help you bring your splash pad dreams to your city or town!  For more information please visit www.RAINDECK.com or Contact Us at 888-445-RAIN(7246) or info@raindeck.com