Amusement Park / Public Zoo Splash Pads & Splash Parks

The fastest growing attractions at Amusement Parks and Public Zoo’s is the addition of splash pads / splash parks. A splash pad offers a wonderful place to take a break and to cool off during a long day of fun and excitement within the park. Rain Deck commercial splash pad products give any destination a unique environment that is safe, reliable and inviting! Rain Deck provides a unique advantage to any commercial splash pad with the ability to interchange stainless steel above ground water features with our Rain Deck Footing Base and why not keep ahead of the competition by always having the most popular and latest features on your Splash Pad at affordable prices with Rain Deck’s the Rain Exchange Program™. Rain Deck can accomplish any custom design need to cater to your marketing program.

Rain Deck splash pad products have been incorporated in Amusement Parks and Public Zoo’s across the country and will be an exciting addition to your location!! Shop our most popular Rain Deck Commercial Splash Pad Products. These customer favorites will soak everyone with fun!!