Rain Deck uses beautiful, durable Prismatic powder coating on our stainless steel above ground features. Beyond the seventeen brilliant colors we carry, we also offer custom design patterns, metallics and air brushing.

One such custom offering is the Illusion pearl process. Illusion is a line of colors that transforms into brilliant candy finishes when the clear top coat is added. Illusion colors only activate when this special top coat has been applied. This two coat powder coating combines a base coat and top coat to achieve unique colors that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in a single coat application.

Illusion powder coated colors are intense, rich colors with an almost three dimensional depth to them – it’s as if you can look into the color. They feature a shimmering base with a glossy clear top coat that really makes the color pop. You really have to see them in person to appreciate their beauty – pictures don’t do them justice.


Just a few of the many Illusion colors available, and our Dumping Bucket 3 in Illusion Lime.
Call 1-888-445-RAIN and ask about how you can get Illusion Powder Coating in your next splash pad product, or use our web form to contact us.


A closeup of Illusion Lime as applied to a Rain Deck stainless steel feature.