Rain Deck is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Adventure Golf Services and their product SplashGolf. SplashGolf™ is a first-of-its kind interactive water miniature golf played on a splash pad. This completely new miniature golf concept takes the game and players into an interactive water environment for a completely new and fun experience. Like traditional mini golf, SplashGolf™ is a water activity game that can be played by all family members. The difference is water – the sprays, fountains, and water jets are all very much interactive with players and the golf ball. SplashGolf™ also has the unique ability to be dual-purpose, utilized for either wet or dry golf, allowing SplashGolf™ parks to be used year-round. Adventure Golf Services has also recently introduced a version of SplashGolf™ for cruise ships, taking the fun from land to sea.

“SplashGolf is fun, wet and entertaining,” comments Arne Lundmark, CEO and chief designer at AGS. “This is a game where the player never knows what is going to happen to the golf ball or where it will go. On several golf holes, players may blast the mini golf balls around with water cannons as the other player tries for a hole-in-one, or actually spray another player while they attempt their putt…what fun! Playing the water vortex hole leads to surprise as the water spins the ball to emerge from one of two different areas of the green.”

Adventure Golf Services specifically chose to partner with Rain Deck because of their commitment to quality and excellent customer service, according to Arne Lundmark. “We researched the industry and decided that Rain Deck was the best fit for our needs. Rain Deck’s belief in SplashGolf’s product concept, as well as their reasonable prices, quality, warranty, ease of use and adaptability, their commitment to providing products in a timely manner, and their innovative new product ideas all set them apart from their competition.”

Based in Traverse City, MI, Adventure Golf Services is the industry leader with over 30 years experience in miniature golf course and family entertainment center design, development and construction. Some of their clients include Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, Disney, Jack Nicklaus, GlenLivet, Ripley Entertainment, and Mall of America. Rain Deck is proud to be partnering with them in this new and exciting venture.