In the spectacular landscape of South Lake Tahoe is the gorgeous Marriott Timber Lodge.  With immense views of the lake and the surrounding forest the Marriott Timber Lodge offers tremendous amenities for all travelers.

To elevate the surrounding environment around the already remarkable pool area, the Marriott Timber Lodge decided to convert a kiddie pool into a fully interactive splash pad / splash park. With this change, the ambiance of the pool area increased and the overall safety for families dramatically increased because  the 1 ft 3 in deep kiddie pool was converted to an engaging splash pad that has no standing water and a non-slip splash pad surface.

Rain Deck splash pad products were exclusively used in this application because of the quality of design and durability. Durability is a key factor in an area like South Lake Tahoe that experiences the spectrum of climate changes throughout the year.

The Marriott Timber Lodge in South Lake Tahoe California features the following Rain Deck Splash Pad / Splash Park products: Complete recirculation system, 6 Rain Deck assorted spray jets, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Footing Bases w/ Spray Plates that can in the near future receive a wide variety of interchangeable Rain Deck above-ground water features, Rain Deck Sof-Touch Ground Sensor™.

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