The Town of Argos, Indiana is Celebrating Their New Splash Pad!

Argos Splash Pad 1

The Town of Argos, Indiana comes together to make a splash pad dream a reality! With several generous sources of funding from all around the community and the support of the Argos Town Superintendent they were successful with installing a 1,000 sqft fresh water splash pad with numerous Rain Deck above ground water features and a ton of Rain Deck spray nozzles! At Rain Deck, we are always inspired by the communities and individuals that work so selflessly to bring splash pads into the lives of those who love them the most – The kids!!

Argos Splash Pad 3

The Rain Deck splash pad products that are featured at The Town of Argos, Indiana Fresh Water Splash Pad are the following:  24 Interchangeable Rain Deck Spray Nozzles, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Loop- 6′ (Aqua), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Dumping Bucket 3, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Fire Hydrant (Red), Rain Deck Sof-Touch™ Ground Sensor, Rain Deck Sof-Touch™ Electronic Timer Box, Rain Deck 8 Zone Multi Program Electronic Controller, Rain Deck Custom Manifolds.

Our Rain Deck professionals are available to help you bring your splash pad dreams to your local park! For more information please visit, or Contact Us at 888-445-RAIN (7246) or