‘Water Water Everywhere!’ at the New Splash Pad at The Boys and Girls Club of Woonsocket Rhode Island!

Rain Deck was so excited to provide all the splash pad products to The Boys and Girls Club of Woonsocket Rhode Island – Kendrick Avenue Center.  This amazing 2,000 sqft recirculating splash pad/splash park came to fruition with generous grants from various organizations including the Champlin Foundations, CVS/Caremark, The June Rockwell Levy Foundation, Navigant Credit Union, Nationwide Construction and Eastern Insurance Group.

With the many advantages of adding a splash pad to the Boys and Girls Club the three main factors benefitting this facility were Safety of the kids, Cost of a new amenity, and FUN!  With a splash pad being safer than a traditional pool the addition of this splash pad can give the organization assurance that the kids will be safer.  ‘More bang for the buck’ is an understatement when buying splash pad products from Rain Deck.  With a long list of stainless steel above-ground water features painted to match the colors of the rainbow and 52 spray jets this splash pad is loaded!  See below for a long list of amazing splash pad products.  The result of combining all these amenities equals a TON OF FUN! for all the kids that come to Kendrick Avenue Center.  Read about it more Woonsocket Rhode Island Boys and Girls Club.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.19.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.19.14 PM

The Rain Deck splash pad products that are featured at The Boys and Girls Club of Woonsocket Rhode Island are the following:  52 interchangeable Rain Deck Spray Nozzles, 1,200 Gallon Rain Deck Water Holding Tank that supports the complete water recirculation system, (4) Rain Deck 8-Nozzle Line Jet, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Rain Stick  (Yellow), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Arch (Red), (2) Rain Deck Stainless Steel Water Cannon (Purple & Green), Rain Deck Stainless Steel Dumping Water Fall Trough (Blue), (2) Rain Deck Footing Base Spray Plate, Rain Deck 16-Nozzle Ring of Water, Rain Deck Stainless Steel Sof-Touch™ Activator (Orange), Rain Deck Sof-Touch™ Electronic Timer Box, Rain Deck 8 Zone Multi Program Electronic Controller, (2) Rain Deck Custom Manifolds.

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